Update for LOC Families

Dear Lucas Families,

With the recent emails from the Superintendent and the article in the Press Citizen about Lucas On Campus, there are sure to be questions and concerns regarding the program and the ICCSD’s decision to terminate our contract. Our email to you laid out our response and what we understand to be the “issues” the district is alluding to in its correspondence.

Above all else, please know that you child(ren) are safe and there are no imminent risks to their health and well-being at LOC! The safety and well-being of students who participate in LOC are always our top priorities and will remain so as long as we operate our program.

We would like to encourage you to voice your concerns regarding the handling of this situation to the ICCSD, as well as what your experience has been with LOC. Our board stands behind our director and staff 100% and know that the district and school board should hear parent voices about the actual positive impact it has on the Lucas community.

You may call Superintendent Murley’s office, (319) 688-1000 to speak with him, or we have created an email, concerns@lucasoncampus.com that forwards to the Superintendent and district representatives, Lucas Principal, Iowa City School Board, LOC Board, and LOC Director.