LOC Update

LOC Families,

On April 12, the LOC Board received the report from the district on which the decision was made to terminate our contract. However, the report was 50-75% redacted, and provided us no information beyond what we had already known. In addition, all district staff names were redacted, so no follow-up could be done. An additional memo was attached:

Although it does not explicitly state no investigation will be done, the final two paragraphs imply this is the case:

As you know, the District’s mission is to put students first. We believe a smooth transition from LOC to another provider of before/after school services is essential to avoiding disruption to school operations and, ultimately, effective delivery of the education program for our students.

Thank you for the services LOC has provided to the District. We appreciate your cooperation in winding up our business relationship.

In the portions of the report we were able to view, the information was distorted and resolved incidents were rehashed. In fact, we have communication from the district on August 5, 2015, stating:

[regarding a visit from the Department of Education] …it would be great if you could take a few minutes to speak about your program and all the wonderful things you are doing!!

In addition, as recently as September 11, 2018:

I just heard from the new Director at Horn, and she is interested in visiting sites. Since she is new I thought your program would be a great place for her to start. You do a great job  serving a high number of students and I thought she could learn a lot from observing you and your staff. 

There is an Iowa City School Board meeting tomorrow, April 23rd at 6 PM where a presentation, “Lucas Before and After School Program Update” is on the agenda. We intend to make a public comment and encourage any and all to attend and comment also. We also expect to learn more about the status of the investigation at the School Board meeting.

We intend to submit a proposal this week. However, we received this information on how the proposals are scored:

We have an established process that we’ve used for Garner, Alexander, Grant and Hoover which includes forming a committee of up to 6 people:  3 school staff and 3 parents.  The committee will provide their recommendations to Dr. Jenkins who makes the final decision.  The Youth and Family Development Coordinator and Director of Extended Day Learning assist with the coordination of the process, but do not score the applications.

Superintendent Murley stated on April 8 to the LOC Board that a selection of a new provider will not occur until an investigation, promised at a meeting between the Superintendent and two members of the LOC Board on March 28, is completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at board@lucasoncampus.com.