LOC Update

LOC Parents,

A lot has been happening with the program, and we know it’s been hard on Ms. Denniston and all the LOC staff. Through it all, we totally support them all and will continue to advocate for LOC to the best of our abilities. Here’s an update on what’s been going on with LOC in the past 2 weeks:

  • Ms. Denniston and one of the LOC Board members attended a BASP Directors’ Meeting at ICCSD on Tuesday, April 16th in which several BASP directors were concerned about the treatment of LOC and several unfounded claims that have been continuously brought up by the district.
  • Members of the LOC Board spoke at the ICCSD School Board meeting on Tuesday, April 23rd. In the video, board members spoke from 0:18:00 to 0:33:00 and the School Board discussed LOC at 2:08:30. From this meeting, two LOC board members have scheduled a meeting with the school board president and two district staff on Thursday, May 2.
  • After the School Board meeting, a Press-Citizen reporter wrote an article about LOC titled “ICCSD reviews choice to can after-school program”
  • On Friday, April 26th, we dropped off a proposal to the ICCSD (the request for proposals was due Friday). Proposals are being reviewed yesterday (Monday) through tomorrow (Wednesday) and a decision is to be made by Thursday, May 2nd according to the RFP. However, Superintendent Murley has assured the LOC Board that no decision on the RFP would be made until the investigation on LOC is complete.
  • The investigation deadline given by the district was Friday, April 26th, but to date no LOC Board members and/or Ms. Denniston have been contacted by the people heading the investigation, Chace Ramey and Amy Kortemeyer.

If you have any questions, please contact us at board@lucasoncampus.com.