LOC Updates, May 14

LOC Families,

  • The LOC Talent Show on May 9th was a great success! Thanks to Mrs. Denniston and all the staff, students, and parents who contributed to the enormous talent on display
  • On May 2nd, LOC Board members met with IC School Board members and ICCSD Staff to continue the conversation regarding our program’s termination, the investigation that was promised and overall lack of communication taking place. Our concerns were voiced directly and a second meeting took place on May 10th. Superintendent Murley sent a follow-up email yesterday to the Lucas community.
  • It seems our efforts to advocate for LOC and our staff may have helped the district moving forward with other BASPs, but we were unable to change course once the official request for proposals for new programs went out. Contract approval for a new BASP was added to the ICCSD School Board agenda yesterday, and Champions will be taking over as the Lucas on-site BASP.
  • Many of you have enrolled in LOC for next fall. We will be moving across the street to the River Community Church to continue as a before and after school provider – Lucas Off Campus. We hope that you will choose to continue with our program, our staff, and our effective model of programming for a successful transition. Our program partners (UI Nursing, Iowa Children’s Museum, etc.) will also continue with us. We ask that you complete a survey that will go out this week regarding future participation as soon as you can. More details to come.
  • The LOC Board is working on hiring new director which will be announced ASAP!

If you have any questions, please contact us at board@lucasoncampus.com.